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Pastor Paul Fundraising Gala

Good People!

The producers of the debut feature film Pastor Paul would be honored by your presence at our Post-Production Fundraising Gala for an evening of drinks, food, and music from the film!

Wednesday, July 16 @ The Loft

8 Lackawanna Plaza

Montclair, NJ

Come join us for a reception from 7 - 8:30

Followed by an extended preview of the film from 8:30 - 9

And drinks and dancing until 10:30

Pastor Paul tells the story of a white tourist in West Africa who is possessed by a ghost after acting in a Nollywood movie.

Filmed in Ghana and Nigeria in 2013, Pastor Paul, has come this far on a budget of less than $10,000 - the result of a guerilla-style production in collaboration with the premier avant-garde arts collective in Ghana, Pidgen Unlimited. Pastor Paul explores the remarkable confluence of New African Cinema, Christianity & Witchcraft; and undermines the classic imagery of the “white man in Africa,” whether tourist, missionary, actor, or ghost.

The editing process has been a labor of love shared by Director Jules David Bartkowski and Director of Photography Adam Abada over the last year and has reached its conclusion. The final stages of the process are Sound Design and Color Correction -- both require technical skills and are rather costly. We are already involved with companies well-suited to these tasks and our current goal is to find a way to pay these specialized artists what they deserve in order to make this the film it is meant to be.

We hope you join us for a funky night of Arthouse Afrobeat, Gypsy Hip-Hop, and a sneak peek at Pastor Paul’s wild ride!

Please RSVP either on the "Contact" page on our website

or simply by responding to this email.

If you won’t be able to attend the event you can still contribute directly through PayPal! Thanks so much!

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